About Us

How it all started

One day we saw this unique piece on an Instagram post. We started looking for it all over the internet. When we finally found it, we saw it was by Bottega Veneta, and most importantly, we couldn't afford it. We made a reckless decision to put our money together and share custody.

Needless to say it did not work out... and almost ruined us. And we started talking about how it is sometimes unfair that only a select few can afford some of the most wanted items in the world without breaking a sweat and there's a great percentage of people that rely on charities and different organisms to help them get their everyday essentials. 

Old-School charity fundraiser are broken

We came up to the realization that charities fundraisers are not everyone. Since of them are auction based. So again you need to be one fo the few to have a real chance to win the auction. We believe there's a better way to raise money for great causes beginning by giving a chance to everyone and anyone to win. Also, by offering a prize or an experience we believe it will encourage people to donate to charities.

Our goal is simple. We want to help charities raise money while helping people win amazing prizes. Our idea is to encourage people to donate to charities and we give them entries to our event as a thank you. No purchases are required to participate and the instructions on how to participate without donations can be found on our Official Rules page.

We believe nothing compares to the feeling of giving, but it's sometimes nice to also receive especially when it's sought after prizes.